Patricia Gomez-Gonzalez

Assistant Professor of Economics

Patricia Gomez-Gonzalez

My research interests lie in open economy macroeconomics. In particular, my work focuses on asset heterogeneity in public debt, sovereign debt crises, and monetary policy in open economies.

Here is my

Since 2017, I have co-organized the Macroeconomics/International Finance Fordham Conference. The 2019 conference was held on Friday, May 10 at Fordham University's Lincoln Center campus. 

Below you can find copies of my publications and working papers, information about my work in progress, slides of past discussions and the syllabi for the two undergraduate upper-level classes I teach


Mailing address:
Lowenstein Building
Room 924
113 W 60th Street
New York, NY 10023


Spain Spain, less pain?, with Daniel M. Rees, European Economic Review, vol. 110, November 2018, pp. 78-107. PDF. DOI.

Public debt structure and liquidity provision, Journal of International Economics, vol. 117, March 2019, pp. 51-60. PDF. DOI. (Previously circulated as "Financial Innovation in Sovereign Borrowing and Public Provision of Liquidity")

Inflation-linked public debt in emerging economies, Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 93, May 2019, pp. 313-334. PDF. DOI.

Working papers

Emerging markets' inflation-linked public debt: institutional factors. May 2019. Under review. PDF. Data.

Bank bailouts and fiscal space: triggering the doom loop. July 2019. Under review.

Work in progress

Optimal public debt indexation in advanced economies.

Misallocation channels during crises, with Johanna Francis.

Conference Discussions

Discussion of "Who owns Europe's firms? Globalization and foreign investment in Europe", by Kalemli-Ozcan, Korsun, Sorensen, and Villegas-Sánchez at the 2015 ASSA Boston Meetings. January 2015. PDF.

Discussion of "Liquidity regulation and unintended financial transformation in China", by Kinda Hachem and Zheng Michael Song at the 2017 China's Financial Markets and Growth Rebalancing Conference. December 2017. PDF.


Macroeconomic Analysis syllabus. Spring 2018.

Open Economy Macroeconomics syllabus. Spring 2018.