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The New York Journal of Adult Learning

A publication of the New York Association of Continuing Community Education (NYACCE)
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Bringing together practitioners, program directors and universities to explore common practice, research and theory in adult education, community education, continuing education, workforce development, and higher education.

The editors of Perspectives: The New York Journal of Adult Learning invite submissions from adult educators, program directors, graduate students and faculty that address the needs and interests of those involved in educating adults in the specific areas of adult literacy, adult education, community education, continuing education, workforce training and development, and higher education around the world. The ultimate goal is to improve understanding and practice of adult education through careful consideration and reflection of timely research and issues. This peer-reviewed journal is intended to be a source of education articles from around the world that are practical, substantial, and scholarly. Articles may be submitted for consideration in the following areas: refereed articles, book reviews, issues and trends, invited research summaries and best practice. This journal will be published twice a year. (The inaugural issue was published in November 2002.)

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2002-2003, Volume 1, Number 2
2003-2004, Volume 2, Number 1
2003-2004, Volume 2, Number 2
2004-2005, Volume 3, Number 1
2004-2005, Volume 3, Number 2
2005-2006, Volume 4, Number 1
2005-2006, Volume 4, Number 2
2006-2007, Volume 5, Number 1
2007-2008, Volume 6, Number 1
2007-2008, Volume 6, Number 2

The New York Journal of Adult Learning

Kathleen P. King, Fordham University
Barbara Heuer, Ed.D., Fordham University

Resources and Issues & Trends Editor
Martin Murphy, LI RAEN

Best Practices Editor
Georges Marceau, Syracuse, New York

Editorial Review Board
Hal Beder, Rutgers State University
Jeanne Bitterman, Teachers College, Columbia University
John Elias, Fordham University
Nancy Ellsworth, Fordham University
Catherine Hansman, Cleveland State University
Roger Hiemstra, Syracuse University
Patricia Lawler, Widener University
Patsy Medina, Buffalo State College
Victor Wang, California State University
Colleen Wiessner, Dept. of Adult & Community College Education
Lawrence Winston, Literacy Assistance Center
Mary Ziegler, University of Tennessee

Professional Review Board
Laurie Bargstedt, Past. Pres., NYACCE, HFM Boces
Suzanne Licata, Immediate Past Pres., NYACCE, Maryvale Community Education

Submitting Manuscripts

*Manuscripts will be accepted for review on a continuous basis and those accepted for publication will be included in the next issue of the journal in which there is space available.

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