Equations of Riemann surfaces with automorphisms

Supplementary files for the paper "Equations of Riemann surfaces with automorphisms" by David Swinarski

Here is the most recent draft of the paper and the most recent version of my Magma code for this project.

Matrix generators of irreducible representations of finite groups

In the paper I state an algorithm suggested by Valery Alexeev and James McKernan to produce matrix generators of an irreducible representation of a finite group given its character. In these notes we work out an example: the two-dimensional irreducible representation of the symmetric group \(S_3\).

Equations of genus 4, 5, 6, or 7 Riemann surfaces with large automorphism groups

Getting started

The four lists above contain 69 examples. If you want to look at a small number of examples to get a feeling for what can happen, I suggest the following: