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Cris Poor

Math Department, Fordham University

This is my homepage. It has my research and teaching information as well as other fun things.
Any feedback you have is very welcome.
Here is a poem about teaching, maybe a bit about my life as well.

Frogs at School
by G. Cooper
Twenty froggies went to school,
Down beside a rushy pool:
"We must be in time." they say.
"First we learn, and then we play.
That is how we keep the rule,
When froggies go to school."

Master Bull-frog, grave and stern,
Called the classes each in turn:
Taught them how to learn and strive,
Showed them how to leap and dive.

From his seat, upon a log,
He taught them how to say, "Ker-shog!"
Also, how to dodge a blow
From the stones, that bad boys throw.

Twenty froggies grew up fast:
Big frogs they became at last:
Now they sit on other logs
Teaching other little frogs.

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