The Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics (S.M.L.M.) is a network of scholars founded with the aim of fostering collaboration and research based on the recognition that


Recovering the profound metaphysical insights of medieval thinkers for our own philosophical thought is highly desirable, and, despite the vast conceptual changes in the intervening period, is still possible; but

This recovery is only possible if we carefully reflect on the logical framework in which those insights were articulated, given the paradigmatic differences between medieval and modern logical theories.


The Society, founded at the 2000 Dallas meeting of the ACPA, currently has over a hundred members on five continents. The Society’s web site is designed to serve the purpose of keeping each other up-to-date on our current projects, sharing recent results, discussing scholarly questions, and organizing meetings.

The Society’s publication, started in 2001, the Proceedings of the Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics (P.S.M.L.M.), collects original materials presented at sessions sponsored by the Society. Besides the online version available at the above link, now the Proceedings are also available in printed format from Cambridge Scholars Publishing through Amazon and other book sellers. Note that after their publication, only the printed volumes are suitable for scholarly reference.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Gyula Klima (Philosophy, Fordham University) by e-mail at: