New Nietzsche Studies

New Nietzsche Studies is a journal of continental philosophy, featuring new European and American reflections on Nietzsche's thought.

The journal is edited by Babette Babich along with an internationally recognized board of editorial advisors
Since it was first founded in 1996, New Nietzsche Studies presents contemporary readings of Nietzsche reflecting a continental, and that is to say historically situated and contextually interpretive (i.e., hermeneutic), orientation to philosophy. Because such approaches to philosophy remain under-represented, New Nietzsche Studies is dedicated to offering a specialized resource for readers committed to the breadth and vitality of new perspectives on Nietzsche's thought.
Representing the scope of contemporary Nietzsche scholarship, New Nietzsche Studies publishes English-language authors from across the globe, both North and South, East and West. The journal brings non-English language research voices to the attention of English-reading scholars, featuring current translations from contemporary European and other nationalities (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Belgian, Japanese, Dutch, etc.)
New Nietzsche Studies also publishes selected historical text in translation, including a first time English-langauge translation of Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff's Zukunftsphilologie! (by Gertrude Postl with Babette Babich and Holger Schmid) in the 2000 centennial edition.
Membership in the Nietzsche Society includes a subscription to the journal.
Note: In order to keep rates at their current level, the journal has reduced publication to biannual editions, binding two yearly publication issues of the journal together in one volume. We have not reduced the size or scope (recent issues have topped the mailing scales at over a pound).
Recent issues have been dedicated to The Birth of Tragedy, most recentlyVol. 10, Issues 3 & 4, Fall/Winter 2017/2018, Companion to The Birth of Tragedy, Part II
Volume 11, Numbers 1 & 2 (2019/2020) is currently printing.  Subscriptions available through the Philosophy Documentation Center.

All issues of the journal have also featured a continuing series of postcards by the late Earl Nitschke

Index: 1996-2008

Yearly membership for individuals: $40. Institutional and library membership subscriptions: $65. Foreign addresses kindly add $15 for postage. Subscription fees include membership in the Nietzsche Society. Address subscription requests, manuscript contributions including books for review and book reviews, and all other correspondence to Professor Babette Babich, Editor, New Nietzsche Studies, Department of Philosophy, Fordham University, 113 West 60th Street, New York, New York, 10023, USA.

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Submissions information

Format. Submissions to be considered for possible publication should be submitted in Word or Wordperfect format. Essays will be considered in English, German or French. Please use italics only for author's emphases, book and journal titles, foreign terms, and journal titles. All English translations from Nietzsche's work rendered by the author should be standardized to include references to the German texts available in the critical German editions (preferably KSA). Otherwise reference should be made to the particular translation used in addition to the German texts. First complete references to Nietzsche's works and all other references should be given in notes collected at the end of the essay. Following the first endnote citation, subsequent references to Nietzsche's works may be abbreviated and parenthetically noted, where possible, with section or note numbers rather than page numbers, in the body of the essay. All other scholarly references should be given in the endnotes. No identification of author should occur in the text or notes as all submissions may be subject to anonymous peer review. A separate page should contain a brief biographical note for publication, including the author's name and address, phone and fax numbers, institutional affiliation, titles and years of publication of recent books.

Other correspondence should be sent to Professor Babette Babich, Executive Editor, New Nietzsche Studies, Fordham University, Department of Philosophy, 113 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023.

Fordham University is an equal opportunity affirmative action educator/employer. This publication can be made available in alternative format upon request.

New Nietzsche Studies, ISSN 1091-0239, a continental philosophy journal featuring recent European and American thought on Nietzsche, is published by the Nietzsche Society.

Printed in the USA.


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