For economic reasons, both double numbers of the journal have for several years now been issued bound together in a single volume.

Please note that we have not reduced the total page length of the journal and annual subscription rates have also been maintained without increases. The journal is non-profit.

Please contact the editor for a complete backset request. NOTE THAT, IN SOME CASES, QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED.

Please contact Philosophy Documentation Center for subscription information for both print and online access.

New Nietzsche Studies

Membership in the Nietzsche Society is $40 yearly. Membership includes subscription to the society journal, New Nietzsche Studies.
Membership alone is $20.

Institutional and Library Membership (incl. Print Subscription) $65 yearly. Foreign addresses kindly add $15 for postage.

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New Nietzsche Studies, ISSN 1091-0239, a continental philosophy journal featuring recent European and American thought, is published by the Nietzsche Society. Updated May 2006.