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Lance A. Strate. Professor of Communication and Media Studies and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.

B.S., Cornell University; M.A., Queens College, City University of New York, Ph.D. New York University.
Department of Communication and Media Studies, Fordham College at Rose Hill

Graduate Program in Public Communication, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Program in Humanities and Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


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Subjects Taught:

Media Ecology

Communication Theory

Communication and Technology
Digital Communication and New Media

Orality and Literacy

Symbols and Semantics

Popular Culture

Science Fiction



Lance Strate is a native New Yorker now residing across the Hudson River in New Jersey.  A Communication major as an undergraduate at Cornell University, he earned an MA in Communication at Queens College, and a PhD in Media Ecology from New York University.  As a Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University, he is internationally recognized for his intellectual leadership in the discipline of communication.  His scholarship has focused on the development of media ecology as a field of inquiry, with special attention to the work of Marshall McLuhan, Walter Ong, and Neil Postman; on the historical relationship between modes of communication and sociocultural phenomena such as heroes, religion, nationalism, the city, the self, and consciousness; on the impact of new technologies and digital media including online communications and mobile telephony; on media history and futurism; on language and symbolic communication as it relates to media and technology; on communication and autism; on popular culture phenomena including television, film, baseball, masculinity and alcohol, the sense of smell, and science fiction and fantasy.  He has served as editor of the Speech Communication Annual
, and Explorations in Media Ecology, and is supervisory editor of the media ecology book series published by Hampton Press.


One of the founders of the Media Ecology Association (launched at Fordham University on September 4, 1998), Lance Strate and has served as the organization's President since its inception.  He is also a Past President of the New York State Communication Association.  He is active in a number of other organizations, including serving on the National Advisory Board of the Walter Ong Center at Saint Louis University, a Review Committee Member for the Carl Couch Center's James W. Carey Award, and a member of the editorial board of several journals, including The Journal of Applied Communication Research, Qualitative Research Reports, and Razón y Palabra.  Among the honors he has received is the New York State Communication Association's John F. Wilson Fellow Award in recognition for exceptional scholarship, leadership, and dedication to the field of communication; the June 2003 Book of the Month Award from the Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies for the anthology he co-edited, Communication and Cyberspace:  Social Interaction in an Electronic Environment (2nd edition); and the Proclamation by Mayor Wellington E. Webb "that February 15, 2002 be known as Dr. Lance Strate Day in the City and County of Denver" in honor of the keynote address he delivered at the 2002 Convention of the Rocky Mountain Communication Association.


Lance Strate has served as Chair of the Department of Communication and Media Studies, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies at Rose Hill,, and is currently the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Director of the MA Program in Public Communication, as well as a member of the Board of Mentors for the interdisciplinary MA Program in Humanities and Sciences.  He has organized a number of events at Fordham University, including the 1998 Legacy of McLuhan Symposium, and the 2006 World in Quandaries Symposium.  He is also active in community affairs.  As the parent of an autistic child, he is involved in autism advocacy, and serves as an advisor for MOSAIC, a northern New Jersey support group for parents of autistic children.  He is also associated with the Lower Manhattan Public Health Consortium, and is a member of the Board of Trustees for Congregation Adas Emuno in Leonia, New Jersey.


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Current Interests and Research:

Lance Strate maintains an active research program that includes investigations into technological innovation and sociocultural change.  Areas of particular interest include the relationship between media and conceptions of space, time, self and consciousness, religion, and culture.

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Recent Publications:

Books in Print:

·     Lance Strate. Echoes and Reflections:  On Media Ecology as a Field of Study. Cresskill, NJ:  Hampton Press, 2006.

·     Lance Strate and Edward Wachtel (Eds.). The Legacy of McLuhan. Cresskill, NJ:  Hampton Press, 2005.

·     Lance Strate, Ron Jacobson, and Stephanie Gibson (Eds.).  Communication and Cyberspace:  Social Interaction in an Electronic Environment (2nd ed.). Cresskill, NJ:  Hampton Press, 2003.

·     Robin Andersen and Lance Strate (Eds.). Critical Studies in Media Commercialism.  London:  Oxford University Press, 2000.

·     Neil Postman, Christine Nystrom, Lance Strate, and Charles Weingartner. Myths, Men, and Beer:  An Analysis of Beer Commercials on Broadcast Television.  Falls Church, VA:  American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety, 1987.

 Selected Articles:

·     "The Medium is the Memory."  In Old Messengers, New Media:  The Legacy of Innis and McLuhan [online virtual exhibition on the Library and Archives Canada website].

·     "Understanding A Man in Time:  James W. Carey and the Media Ecology Intellectual Tradition." Critical Studies in Media Communication, 24:2, 2007, pp. 177-180.

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Selected Presentations:

·     Colloquium on "Marhshall McLuhan's Media Ecology and Communication Studies" sponsored by the Academic Vice-President's Office, Naropa University, Boulder, CO, March 15, 2007.

·     "Eight Bits About Digital Culture."  Address presented at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO, March 12, 2007.

·     "Confessions of a Media Ecologist, Or, How Does the Medium Become the Message?  Let Me Count the Ways." Address presented to the New York Society for General Semantics at the Albert Ellis Institute, New York City, Dec. 7, 2006.

·     Seminar on "Communication Clarity and Critical Thinking:  Understanding the Meaning of Meaning and Avoiding the Demeaning of Meaning" for the Judicial Clerks and Mediators of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, New York City, Nov. 1, 2006.

·     "On the City as Medium and its Implications for the Digital Age."  Featured presentation at the Exploring the Digital City:  Space Culture Politics Seminar, Geddes Institute for Urban Research, University of Dundee, Scotland, March 31, 2006.

·     "Eight Bits About Digital Communication."  Keynote Address presented at V Bienal Iberoamericana de la Communicación, Technológico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México, Mexico City, Sept. 20-22, 2005.

·     "The Future of Consciousness."  Plenary address presented at the Envisioning the Emerging Future Colloquium, Institute of General Semantics, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, Apr. 23, 2005.

·     "Living in Sopranoland:  The Media Ecology of North Jersey."  A Plenary address presented the Symposium on "Deconstructing The Sopranos:  Representations of Crime, Class, and Culture," Montclair State University, Apr. 22, 2004.

·     "Understanding Media Ecology."  Address presented at Technológico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México, Mexico City, Jan. 15, 2004.

·     "Something from Nothing:  Seeking a Sense of Self."  Address presented to the New York Society for General Semantics at the Albert Ellis Institute, New York City, Dec. 18, 2003.

·     "Digital Dialectics, Electronic Ecologies."  Keynote Address, presented at the Finnish Conference for Communication Research of the Finnish University Network for Communication Sciences, University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland, October 18-19, 2002.

·     "Human Communication and Human Technology:  Coming of Age in the Twenty-First Century."  Keynote Address, presented at the Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Communication Association, University of Denver, Denver, CO, Feb. 15-16, 2002.

·     "Narcissism and Echolalia:  Sense and the Struggle for the Self."  John F. Wilson Fellow Address, presented at the 57th Annual Convention of the New York State Communication Association, Monticello, NY, Oct. 8-10, 1999.

·     "McLuhan and 'Medium' as God-Term."  Plenary address presented at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, New York, Feb. 23, 1999.

·     "Beer Commercials, Masculinity, and Drunk Driving:  A Dysfunctional Relationship."  Plenary address presented at the Drinking and Driving Prevention Symposium, Ontario, CA, Nov. 15-17, 1992.

·     "Television Commercials and Social Learning:  Myths, Men, and Beer."  Keynote Address presented at the Northeast Office for Substance Abuse Prevention Regional Communication Seminar, Portland, ME, May 23, 1988.

·     "Myths, Men, and Beer:  The Cultural Context of Drinking and Driving."  Keynote Address presented at the Conference on DUI:  New Perspectives on Prevention and Treatment, Newark, DE, Jan. 27, 1988.



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