ACA 2014
Applications of Computer Algebra
July 9 - 12, 2014
Fordham University

Call For Software Demonstrations

There will be facilities for informal software demonstrations at this meeting of the ACA.

Any mathematical software related to computer algebra may be demonstrated. However, this is not a venue for large commercial systems.

The amount of space is somewhat limited. If necessary because of space, preference will be given to nonprofit organizations and developers.

Prepare an abstract and a download link, and submit to Robert H. Lewis.

Software Demonstrations Actually Given

Using the Dixon Resultant and Fermat to solve polynomial systems
Robert H. Lewis, Fordham University

A Computer Algebra System Explorer for Classical Mechanics
Michael Xue, Vroom Laboratory for Advanced Computing (US)

The SDEval benchmark suite from the symbolicdata project.
Albert Heinle, University of Waterloo