Math 3005: Abstract Algebra I
(Section R01, Fall 2020)
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  • Office hours over Zoom:
  • Manami Roy
  • Wednesdays 2:00 - 4:00 pm EDT at Math Help Room, Fridays 2:00-3:00 pm EDT, and by appointment (Zoom links are available at the Blackboard coursepage)

Online Classes over Zoom:

Math 3005: Mondays and Thursdays at 2:30 - 3:45 pm EDT.

Please follow the following guidelines to join an online session:
  • Open an account on Zoom using your Fordham Email Id and download the application on your device (laptop/tablet/phone).
  • Zoom meeting link will be posted on Blackboard course page under the announcements. No link will be sent via email. Please login to Blackboard course page to access the link.
  • Use your Fordham Email id to join the Zoom meeting for the class. You must use your full name while joining and during the online class on Zoom.

Tentative Course Calendar:

(All the homework and class notes will be posted on Blackboard course page.)

Week and DateTopics and Sections from the TextbookHomework
Wk1: 08/27/20 TR Sec 0: Set, Relation, Equivalence relations
Wk2: 08/31/20- 09/03/20 M TR Sec 1,2,4: Complex numbers, Binary operations, GroupsHW 1 (Due on 09/03/20, Thursday)
Wk3: 09/7/20 M NO CLASS
Wk3: 09/10/20 TR Sec 4: Groups and Problem session Groups HW 2 (Due on 09/10/20, Thursday)
Wk4: 09/14/20-09/17/20 M TR More examples of Group, Sec 8-Permutation group, Problem session on Permutation group HW 3 (Due on 09/17/20, Thursday)
Wk5: 09/21/20-09/24/20 M TR Sec 9-Alternating group, Sec 5-SubgroupsHW 4 (Due on 09/24/20, Thursday)
Wk6: 09/28/20-10/01/20 M TR Problem session on Subgroups, Sec 6- Cyclic groups HW 5 (Due on 10/01/20, Thursday)
Wk7: 10/05/20-10/08/20 M TR Problem session on Cyclic groups, Sec 10 - Cosets and Theorem of LagrangeHW 6 (Due on 10/08/20, Thursday)
Wk8: 10/12/20 M NO CLASS
Wk8: 10/14/20-10/15/20 W (follows M schedule) TR Sec 14: Normal subgroups and Factor (Quotient) groups, problem session HW 7 (Due on 10/15/20, Thursday)
Wk9: 10/19/20-10/22/20 M TR Review on 10/19/20, Midterm 1 on 10/22/20
Wk10: 10/26/20-10/28/20 M TR Midterm 1 oral on 10/26/20 , Sec 13- Group Homomorphism
Wk11: 11/2/20-11/5/20 M TR Problem session on Group Homomorphism, Sec 8-Isomorphism, Cayley's theoremHW 8 (Due on 10/28/20, Thursday)
Wk12: 11/9/20-11/12/20 M TR Sec 14-Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem or First Isomorphism theorem, problem sessionHW 9 (Due on 11/12/20, Thursday)
Wk13: 11/16/20-11/19/20 M TR Sec 11- Direct Product, problem sessionHW 10 (Due on 11/19/20, Thursday)
Wk14: 11/23/20 M Sec 11-Fundamental Theorem of Finite Abelian Groups
Wk14: 11/25/20-11/29/20 M TR NO CLASS, Thanksgiving Break
Wk15: 11/30/20-12/4/20 M TR Problem session and ReviewHW 11 (Due on 11/30/20, Monday)
Wk16: 12/7/20 M Final exam oral
FINAL EXAM (TBA) during 12/10/20-12/18/20