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Dave Swinarski. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Ph.D. Columbia University, 2008.
Department of Mathematics, Fordham College at Lincoln Center.

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815B Lowenstein Hall

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113 W 60th St Room 813
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Courses Taught at Fordham University:

Finite Mathematics, Calculus I, Calculus II, Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Mathematics of Finance.



David Swinarski majored in math and English at the University of Notre Dame, graduating in 2001. As an undergraduate he also did research in computational organic chemistry with Olaf Wiest. Swinarski received a Marshall Scholarship in 2000 to study at the University of Oxford in England. He completed his master's degree in 2003 under the direction of Frances Kirwan. He received his Ph.D from Columbia University in 2008 under the direction of Michael Thaddeus and Ian Morrison (Fordham University). He held a postdoctoral research position at the University of Georgia in Athens (UGA) from 2008-2011, where he worked with Valery Alexeev and Angela Gibney. Dr. Swinarski joined the Fordham faculty in August 2011.

Current Interests and Research:

Dr. Swinarski's research interests include algebraic geometry (the study of polynomial equations) and mathematical finance. His current research topics include geometric invariant theory, birational geometry of moduli spaces of curves, vector bundles of conformal blocks, and automorphisms of curves. Dr. Swinarski actively collaborates with researchers at Fordham, UGA, Columbia, Boston College, as well as undergraduates at Fordham University.


Selected recent publications:
  • "A new proof of a formula for the type A_2 fusion rules". With Amy Barker, Lauren Vogelstein, and John Wu. Journal of Mathematical Physics 2015.
  • "Gröbner techniques and ribbons." With Anand Deopurkar and Maksym Fedorchuk. Albanian Journal of Mathematics 2014.
  • "Effective curves on $\overline{M}_{0,n}$ from group actions." With Han-Bom Moon. Manuscripta Mathematica 2014.

Full publication list
Preprints, drafts, and slides from talks

Undergraduate research:

Six undergraduates from UGA worked with Dr. Swinarski in Fall 2010 on equations of curves with automorphisms.

Nine undergraduates from Fordham University have worked with on conformal blocks and fusion rules, and on optoelectronic plethysmography (OEP). More information

Computer work:

Dr. Swinarski uses several computer packages including Sage, Magma, Macaulay2, and Excel in his research and teaching. Portfolio of Dr. Swinarski's computer work



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