John J. Drummond

Robert Southwell, S.J. Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and the Humanities
President, University Faculty Senate

Fordham University
Rose Hill Campus
Collins Hall 123
441 E. Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458

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My main area of interest is contemporary phenomenology, especially the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl and the existential and hermeneutic traditions that arise therefrom. I am interested in how phenomenology relates, in particular, to issues in the philosophy of mind (intentionality, consciousness, and the emotions), epistemology, and ethics (both meta-ethics and normative ethics). I have written extensively on Husserl's theory of intentionality, focusing more recently on how to develop his account into a theory of evaluative and volitional intentionality. I hope to reveal important ideas about both axiological and practical reasoning by examining the special manner in which the valuable properties of things and the specifically moral properties of agents and their actions are manifested to us. My aim in this research is to develop a phenomenological, teleological, and non-consequentialist account of ethics.

A secondary field of interest is ancient philosophy. I believe that phenomenology can recover classical themes, especially in epistemology and ethics, in ways that meet the challenges posed to ancient and medieval thinkers by the modern philosophical tradition while at the same time retaining what is of most value in the modern tradition.

I have recently taught courses on phenomenology, existentialism, intentionality, the emotions, and moral psychology and philosophy.