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New Nietzsche Studies is a journal of continental philosophy, featuring European and American reflections on Nietzsche's thought.
The journal is edited by David B. Allison (the author of Reading the New Nietzsche and editor of the pathbreaking: The New Nietzsche) and, as Executive Editor, Babette E. Babich (author of Words in Blood, Like Flowers (2006) and Nietzsche's Philosophy of Science (1994; updated German edition 2010), in addition to editing Habermas, Nietzsche, and Critical Theory (2003) and other collections, including two volumes on Nietzsche and the Sciences (1999).
George Leiner is the Book Review Editor. Please direct all books for review or potential reviews to Babette Babich.

The journal has an internationally recognized board of editorial advisors.
For fifteen years beginning with its inception in 1995 (first issue published in 1996), New Nietzsche Studies, as the journal of the Nietzsche Society has offered a broad representation of contemporary readings of Nietzsche reflecting a continental (that is to say historically situated and contextually interpretive, i.e., hermeneutic) orientation to philosophy. Such approaches to philosophy continue to remain under-represented but New Nietzsche Studies is dedicated to offering a specialized resource for readers committed to the breadth and vitality of new perspectives on Nietzsche's thought.
Drawing upon contemporary Nietzsche scholarship, New Nietzsche Studies publishes English-language authors from across the globe, both North and South, East and West. The journal brings non-English language research voices to the attention of English-reading scholars, featuring current translations from the German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, etc.
New Nietzsche Studies also publishes selected historical text in translation, including a first time English-langauge translation of Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff's Zukunftsphilologie! (translated by Gertrude Postl, Babette Babich, and Holger Schmid) and featured in the 2000 centennial edition.
Membership in the Nietzsche Society includes a subscription to the journal.  Print copies are still $40 with individual membership, $65, institutional. Online access available.

Forthcoming: Nietzsche and Kant, Nietzsche and Antiquity, Nietzsche and Medicine, etc.

Current Issue for 2009 and 2010 (
double-size, double-bound issue!)

Art and Aesthetics
Justice, Psychoanalysis and Autonomy

2009-2010 NNS

Featuring a prefatory essay by Horst Hutter on Pierre Hadot,  the 2009 section features Lorraine Markotić on Lou Salomé, Beatrix Himmelman, among others and including Vladimir Mironov on Nietzsche and Dostoevsky. the 2010 section includes Ullrich Haase on Truth and Justice, Robin Small on Rée and Gary Shapiro on Dennis Schmidt, Cy Twombly, and Geo-Aesthetics        
Fall 2007 and Winter 2008 issue
edited by D. Allison, B. Babich with
guest co-editor: Debra Bergoffen,
Nietzsche and the Jews

NEW NIETZSCHE STUDIES Volume Seven, Nos. 3/4 (Fall 2007 and Winter 2008).

Featuring: Tracy B. Strong's translation of Sarah Kofman's Nietzsche's Contempt of/for the Jews and contributions, among others, by Alan Schrift and Jacob Golomb and a review essay on Joachim Koehler's Nietzsche's Secret by Paul Miklowitz together with a wide range of book reviews.

Published March 2008.

Note: In order to keep rates at their current level, the journal has reduced publication by binding two issues together and sometimes doubling two issues into double-size, double bound, biannual editions.  Note that we have not reduced either the size or the scope of the journal (indeed: the biannual 2005-2006 issue managed to cause a certain amount of technical trouble as it topped the mailing scales at over a pound). This publication frequency will be modified whenever possible and we are actively seeking new sources of revenue and new individual and institutional subscriptions. Scholarly benefactors keen on Nietzsche in particular and on philosophical thinking in general, please take note).

NEW NIETZSCHE STUDIES Volume Six , Nos. 3/4 (FALL 2005) & Volume Seven, Nos. 1/2 (Spring 2006)
Dedicated to the memory of Jacques Derrida
Featuring: Nietzsche's Zarathustra; Nietzsche and Psychoanalysis; Nietzsche and the Laws of Manu; Politics and Time (with William E. Connolly, Tracy B. Strong, and Larry Hatab); and a book symposium on David B. Allison's Reading the New Nietzsche (with contributions by Alphonso Lingis, Gary Shapiro, and Babette E. Babich). This special double issue also features a continuing series of postcards by Earl Nitschke and a wide range of book reviews.
Published: February 2006.
Index: 1996-2004

NEW NIETZSCHE STUDIES Volume Five, Nos. 3/4 and Volume Six: Numbers 1/2 (Winter 2003 and Spring 2004). Published May 2004.

Dedicated to the memory of Dominique Janicaud.

Includes essays on Ecology, Dynamics, Chaos, Nature, Friends, Anthropology and featuring a special selection of Earl R. Nitschke's Nietzsche Postcards.

NEW NIETZSCHE STUDIES Volume Five: Numbers 1/2 (Spring/Summer 2002). Includes essays on Ecology and Nature, as well as a special section directed to Nietzsche and Kant (and Neo-Kantianism), in addition to an extensive range of scholarly book reviews. This issue was dedicated to the memory of Hans-Georg Gadamer: 1900-2002.

THE SECOND DOUBLE-ISSUE OF THE SPECIAL CENTENNIAL VOLUMES NEW NIETZSCHE STUDIES Vol. Four, 3/4 (2000-2001) thematizes Nietzsche and the Death of God(s) , including essays on theology, theodicy, religion, justice, etc., and also features a first time English publication of an essay by Gottfried Benn <originally aired in as a radio transmission in 1950>.


The first of the special Centennial Volumes commemorating the anniversary of Nietzsche's death in 1900: Volume Four 1/2 (2000), Nietzsche, Philology, Antiquity 1872-2000, New Nietzsche Studies Volume 4:1/2 Summer/Fall 2000 features a first-time English translation of Ulrich vonWillamowitz-Möllendorff's devastating review of Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy (first published in German in 1872).


Future themes include:


Nietzsche and Kant

Still more on psychoanalysis, nature, life, Zarathustra

Nietzsche and philology/classics

Nietzsche's "Gay Science,"

Nietzsche and Poetry/Art,

Nietzsche and Music,

. . . et cetera . . .

Call for Submissions. NB: Although the Sils Maria mountain vista takes excruciatingly long to load, the wait seems cheaper than a trip to St. Moritz and the end result yields Teddy Adorno's favorite mountain critters, aka Murmeltiere! attending, like the editors, submissions!

Although the Nietzsche Society itself was founded in 1978, New Nietzsche Studies, the society journal was conceptualized in 1995 and first published in 1996.

The first issue, New Nietzsche Studies Volume 1:1/2, Fall/Winter 1996 thematized Nietzsche and Music and featured a critical discussion of the debates on the Will to Power along with a concordance to the Kaufmann / Hollingdale translation of The Will to Power and both hard and softcover (paperback) versions of Nietzsche's collected works in the Walter de Gruyter edition.

Subsequent issues featured such themes as [New Nietzsche Studies 2:1/2 Fall/Winter 1997] Nietzsche and Politics, including Nietzsche and Habermas [New Nietzsche Studies 2:3/4 Summer 1998] "Foucault and Montaigne and Nietzsche and Education, etc. Other issues included Heidegger's Interpretation of Nietzsche and Zarathustra: Persian Morality and Utopianism [New Nietzsche Studies 3:1/2 Winter 1999], and Art and Science: Causality and the Symbolic together with Vanity, Value, and Reading Scholars [New Nietzsche Studies 3:3/4 Summer/Fall 1999].

Founded in 1996 by Babette E. Babich as the journal of the Nietzsche Society,* New Nietzsche Studies is published by the Nietzsche Society and with the support of Fordham University including funds provided by Saint Vincent's College, The Dean of the Graduate School at Georgetown University, and society membership and journal subscriptions.

The journal has a current circulation of more than 400 and is actively engaged in expanding its subscription base especially to university and municipal libraries.

* Still the case that the Nietzsche Society was founded in 1978. The society journal, however, was founded in 1995 and the first issue, Vol 1. 1/2 appeared in 1996.

Yearly subscription for individuals: $40. Institutional and library subscriptions: $50. Foreign addresses kindly add $15 for postage. Subscription fees include membership in the Nietzsche Society. Single and back copies are available at $20 each. Address subscription requests, manuscript contributions including books for review and book reviews, and all other correspondence to Professor Babette Babich, Editor, New Nietzsche Studies, Department of Philosophy, Fordham University, 113 West 60th Street, New York, New York, 10023, USA.

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Submissions information

Format. Submissions to be considered for possible publication should be sent as an email attachment as a file with the above specifications in Wordperfect or Word for Windows, PC format. Essays will be considered in English, German or French. Please use italics only for author's emphases, book and journal titles, foreign terms, and journal titles. All English translations from Nietzsche's work rendered by the author should be standardized to include references to the German texts available in the critical German editions (preferably the KSA). Otherwise reference should be made to the particular translation used in addition to the German texts. First complete references to Nietzsche's works and all other references should be given in notes collected at the end of the essay. Following the first endnote citation, subsequent references to Nietzsche's works may be abbreviated and parenthetically noted, where possible, with section or note numbers rather than page numbers referring to particular editions or particular translations, in the body of the essay. Please use Nietzsche's chapter titles for citations from Zarathustra and Twilight of the Idols, etc. All other scholarly references should be given in the endnotes. No identification of author should occur in the text or notes as all submissions may be subject to anonymous peer review. Please be prepared to submit a brief biographical note for publication, including the author's name and address, phone and fax numbers, institutional affiliation, titles and years of publication of recent books.

Manuscript submissions via email should be sent to
An additional print copy of all essays submitted for publication consideration should be directed to Professor David B. Allison, Editor, New Nietzsche Studies, Department of Philosophy, The State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY 11794.

Books for review and all inquiries concerning books listed as received for review should be directed to

Prof. B. Babich, Executive Editor
New Nietzsche Studies
Fordham University
Department of Philosophy
113 West 60th Street, 925H
New York, NY 10023

Fordham University is an equal opportunity affirmative action educator/employer. This publication can be made available in alternative format upon request.

New Nietzsche Studies, ISSN 1091-0239, a continental philosophy journal featuring recent European and American thought on Nietzsche, is published by the Nietzsche Society.

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