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Samir Haddad

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies RH

Office: Collins Hall 110
Phone: (718) 817 2767

Fall 2015 Office Hours:

Curriculum Vitae


Samir Haddad


Francophone Philosophy Reading Group

Derrida Today Journal

Philosophy and Careers




Research Interests

20th Century Continental Philosophy, Contemporary French Philosophy, Deconstruction, Democratic Theory,
Philosophy of Education


Derrida and the Inheritance of Democracy (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2013). (Amazon)

Reviewed in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 3-19-2014, SCTIW Review 11-25-2014, Canadian Society of Continental Philosophy Reviews 12-18-2014, Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 46.3 (2015), International Philosophical Quarterly 55.1 (2015).

‘Shared Learning and The Ignorant Schoolmaster’, Philosophy of Education Yearbook 2015 (forthcoming).
‘Friendship’, Derrida: Key Concepts, Clare Colebrook (ed.) (New York: Routledge, 2015): 68-76.

‘Teaching without Mastery’, Rue Descartes 82.3 (2014): 65-67.
‘Derrida and Education’, A Companion to Derrida, Leonard Lawlor and Zeynep Direk (eds.) (London: Blackwell, 2014): 490-506.
‘Jacques Derrida (1930-2004)’, The Cambridge Foucault Lexicon, Leonard Lawlor and John Nale (eds.) (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014): 595-601.
‘Citizenship and the Ambivalence of Birth’, Derrida Today 4.2 (2011): 173-193.
‘Jacques Derrida’, History of Continental Philosophy Vol. 6: Poststructuralism and Critical Theory's Second Generation, Alan D. Schrift (ed.) (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010): 111-132.
‘Language Remains’, CR: The New Centennial Review 9.1 (Spring 2009): 127-146.
‘A Genealogy of Violence, from Light to the Autoimmune’, Diacritics 38.1-2 (Spring-Summer 2008): 121-142.
‘Arendt, Derrida, and the Inheritance of Forgiveness’, Philosophy Today, 51.4 (Winter 2007): 416-426.
‘Reading Derrida Reading Derrida: Deconstruction as Self-Inheritance’, International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 14.4
(December 2006): 505-520.
‘Inheriting Democracy to Come’, Theory & Event 8.1 (2005).
‘Derrida and Democracy at Risk’, Contretemps 4 (September 2004): 29-44.


French Philosophies of Education
Jacques Derrida
Art, Morality, and Politics

Contemporary French Philosophy
Philosophical Ethics
Philosophy of Human Nature
Politics and Biopower
Rethinking Citizenship



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