Rolf J. Ryham
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
Fordham University

Contact Information
Office: JMH 401
Phone: 718.817.5292
Fax: 718.817.3236
E-mail: rryham at fordham dot edu
Mailing address: Department of Mathematics, Fordham University, JMH 407, 441 E Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10458

Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University, 2006
B.S. University of Georgia, 2001

Professional Appointments
Lecturer, Rice University, 2010
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Rice University, 2009
VIGRE Lovett Instructor, Rice University, 2006-2009
VIGRE Graduate Research Assistant, The Pennsylvania State University, 2003-2006
Graduate Teaching Assistant, The Pennsylvania State University, 2001-2003

Research Interests
Partial differential equations and scientific computing

Publications and Papers

  1. "Calculating Transition Energy Barriers and Characterizing Activation States for Steps of Fusion" (with Thomas S. Klotz, Lihan Yao and Fredric S. Cohen), to appear in Biophysical Journal, 2016 PDF

  2. "Stokes Flow for a Shrinking Pore" (with Christopher A. Aubin), Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 788, 2016 journal

  3. "Very Weak Solutions for Poisson-Nernst-Planck System" (with Jay Hineman), Nonlinear Analysis A, 115, 2015 journal

  4. "The Aqueous Viscous Drag of a Contracting Open Surface" (with Fredric S. Cohen), Physics of Fluids, 26(2), 2014 journal

  5. "Teardrop Shapes Minimize Bending Energy of Fusion Pores Connecting Planar Bilayers" (with Mark Ward and Fredric S. Cohen), Physical Review E 88(6), 2013 journal

  6. "Cutting Corners in Michell Trusses." (with Elizabeth Figueroa, Adam Hill, and Denise Iusco), Portugaliae Mathematica 69(2), 2012 journal

  7. "A Dynamic Model of Open Vesicles in Fluids." (with Fredric S. Cohen and Robert Eisenberg), Communications in Mathematical Sciences 10(4), 2012 journal

  8. "Aqueous Viscosity is the Primary Source of Friction in Lipidic Pore Dynamics." (with Irina Berezovik and Fredric S. Cohen), Biophysical Journal 101(12), 2011 journal

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  15. "An Energetic Variational Approach to Mathematical Modeling of Charged Fluids: Charged Phases, Simulation and Well Posedness," Rolf Ryham, Ph.D. Dissertation, The Pennsylvania State University, 2006. PDF