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Cris Poor

Math Department, Fordham University

Talks Delivered

(in chronological order)

  • "The solution to the hyperelliptic Schottky problem." (given at AMS Summer Conference on Scottky Problems, 1990)
  • "Schottky-type Problems." (Columbia University Seminar, 11-26-91)
  • "Schottky's form vanishes on the hyperelliptic locus in each genus." (Stanford, March 1993)
  • "Linear relations among the theta series for Niemeier Lattices." (Santa Barbara, March 1994)
  • "Dimensions of spaces of Siegel modular cusp forms of low weight in degree four." (San Diego, March 1995)
  • "What vanishing order implies a Siegel modular form is zero?" (Stanford, March 1996)
  • "The Dyadic trace" (Boulder, March 1997)
  • "The Dyadic trace II" (Columbia, March 1998)
  • "Restriction of Siegel modular forms to modular curves" (Santa Barbara, March 1999)
  • "Siegel Modular Forms of Degree 3 and Invariants of Ternary Quartic Forms" (Boulder, March 2000)
  • "Slopes of Lattices and Siegel Modular Forms" (Palo Alto, March 2001)
  • "Slopes of Integral Lattices" (Osaka University, January 2002)
  • "Computations of Spaces of Siegel Modular Cusp Forms" (Kyoto, January 2002)
  • "Computations of Spaces of Siegel Modular Cusp Forms" (UCLA, March 2002)
  • "Conjectures on Siegel Modular Forms " (Boulder, March 2003)
  • "The Extreme Core for Siegel Modular Forms" (Santa Barbara, March 2004)
  • "Relations among second order theta constants" (Denton, March 2005)
  • "Linear relations among Fourier coecients of Siegel modular forms" (Columbia University Algebraic Geometry Seminar, 11-18-05)
  • "Converse Conjectures for Siegel Modular Forms " (Boulder, March 2006)
  • "Computations of weight two paramodular cusp forms in genus two " (Hamana Lake, Japan, February 2007)
  • "Paramodular Cusp Forms " (Oberwolfach, Germany, October 2007)
  • "Paramodular Cusp Forms " (Teaxas A&M, March 2007)

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