Nathan Ballantyne

I am a philosopher at Fordham University. I completed my PhD at the University of Arizona and my BA at the University of Toronto.

On 4-5 June, I’ll host a conference on epistemology and psychology in New York City. Here is further information.

Most of my writing is concerned in one way or another with human inquiry and judgment. For example, my current work on social and traditional epistemology often draws on findings from the social and cognitive sciences in order to illuminate epistemology’s traditional concerns about the proper conduct of inquiry and good judgment. I’m currently finishing a book manuscript on the epistemology of controversial belief. I’m also interested in the history of philosophy, cognitive science, ethics, environmental ethics, metaethics, and whatever topics I am co-writing on. (A welcome feature of philosophy, I think, is that it needn’t be a solitary business.)

When I’m not working on philosophy, I like to be spending time with my wife and daughter, listening to 17th and 18th century music or Phil Schaap, hiking, or exploring backroads.