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Christopher A. Aubin. Assistant Professor of Physics. B.S., University of Dallas, M.A., Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis.
Department of Physics, Fordham College at Rose Hill.

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Subjects Taught:

Electricity & Magnetism

Thermodynamics & Statisical Mechanics
Physics I & II Lab



After receiving my PhD in St. Louis, I made my way to New York for a post-doctoral position with the High Energy Theory group at Columbia University, where I stayed for three years. In addition to doing research while there, I realized that New York was the city for me. Sadly though, given that the position was term limited, I had to leave the city for a
position as a research scientist at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. I was there for three years, both in a research and teaching capacity, before being able to finally return to New York for the start of my position here at Fordham.

Current Interests and Research:

My primary area of research is in theoretical high energy physics, specifically an area called "Lattice QCD." QCD stands for "Quantum Chromodynamics," which is the fundamental theory that describes the strong nuclear force. The "Lattice" part refers to the fact that we perform large-scale numerical simulations by making the space and time coordinates into discrete variables (restricting particles to move on a grid, or a lattice). This requires supercomputers and clusters much greater than any desktop computer, and these exist at various centers and labs around the country.

The primary purpose of this research is to understand fundamentally how the universe works, by studying how the most fundamental particles (called quarks) interact with each other. These constituents make up all of the matter we see around us, and so this problem is a rather difficult one, and definitely will not be solved anytime soon.

Recent Publications:

Journal and Ejournal Articles:
  • "A new approach for Delta form factors," arXiv:1010.0202 [hep-lat], invited talk given at the conference on Mesons and Nucleons (MENU) 2010.
  • "The Neutral kaon mixing parameter B(K) from unquenched mixed-action lattice QCD," Phys Rev D81 (2010) 014507.
  • "Lattice studies of hadrons with heavy flavors," arXiv:0909.2686 [hep-lat], plenary talk given at the International Conference on Lattice Field Theory, 2009.
  • "Magnetic Moments of Delta and Omega- Baryons with Dynamical Clover Fermions," Phys Rev D79 (2009) 051502.



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